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CD-R/DVD Printing plate maker series  
Waterless plate processor UG-400  
Waterless plate processor UG-400E ( UG-600CT )  
Waterless plate processor UG-1100E  
Precision Exposure machine for silk screen and ps plate.  
UV Lamp  
plate drier  
Silk screen drier (Straight vertical)  
Silk screen Laundering machine  
Light Table  
Microscope Series  
Automatic Liquid Coate  
Offset printing plate maker series  
Silk screen printing plate maker series  
Special order equipment  
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The company introduces

UNI GRAPHIC was Established in 1993 ,Set up to the Taipei Hsinsunchung city. 


This company has specialized printing to make lithograph plates the machine design

ability, started an undertaking the initial period is the success development has been exquisite does not occupy spatial PS plate processor,depth studying

with customer affirmation .For several years unceasingly innovate

research and develop each kind of PS  plate processor and the correlation equipment,

 and attained the answer patent

2002 year and the increase have developed the waterless plate processor and the exposure machine, precision oven and so on

Caused a product line more substantial 2004 year also to promote CTP Thermal plate processor series,and take"The Japanese Quality,The China price, Taiwan service spirit" Managed The goal as The Company.

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